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Thomas as child

Mixe Race (native American/European)

I was adopted by a Danish family

I was adopted by a Danish family in November, 1963. I have a twin brother, one older brother, and two sisters. My biological mother is from Germany and my father, a mulatto, is from the United States.He was a soldier in Korea and stationed in Germany. We have no knowledge af each however the thought of searching for my mother is getting stronger and stronger.


Expressing myself with my body

From 1982 til 1990, I have studied classiscal ballet, modern ballet, and jazz ballet so expressing myself with my body has been a great part of my life.

Film and acting

Nothing venture, nothing gained!

The first time I went to a film casting I thought I was going to be a star, however, I received my first refusal, and discovered that I had to work really hard to reach my goal. A goal which I did not know whether I was going to reach or not. For me acting is like traveling through a large register of emotions which I have never explored before. The dark side of me has come to life, and have become a part of my personality. Dark sides I did know I possessed. It is somewhat difficult to explain to others, yet I believe there is a light out there burning for me. A light which I maybe the only one- seeing. H.C. Andersen wrote in "Hans Christan Andersenīs Fairy Tales" that first you go through an awful lot and then you become famous. Whether one becomes famous or not I donīt know but one has to go through a- lot. When I was 10 years old, I went to the circus with my father and my twin brother, when the show was over I said to them both, when I grow up, I want to become an artist. I meet a great many people who have talent, but they dont have the courage and the luck, which is very sad, however one must not forget " Nothing venture, nothing gained"


New sides of myself

I started my career as an actor in 1991 Spotlight and being a part of this creative environment brought new sides of myself to the surface and I discovered talents and interests that I did not know I had.

In 1999 I felt inspired to start writing a manuscript but after a few months I had to put it away again to focus on other personal matters. It wasn't until after the death of my father in 2002, that I regained the strength and need to continue to write my story. Therefore I concentrated all my efforts into writing and have been working on it non-stop for the better part of three years. The manuscript is now finished and the title is "The Family" It is partly based on my personal experiences in life and it has been a tremendous experience to write this story.
I can't wait to see where "The Family" will lead me to.
Whether I reach my goal or not, only time will tell.!

But I will never give up.

Thomas Raft

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